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Children enjoyed sharing their harvest poetry and singing with families grateful for all the donations for

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Come and meet the team for Reception admissions September 2022

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Sorry we are having a few technical issues with our phones, please feel free to pop in or email

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Great to welcome parents back into school after so long, sharing the KS1 learning for the year ahead. Working together in partnership.

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So lovely to see the children back in school, all looking forward to the year ahead, and to meet our new families at our stay and play sessions and home visits.

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Great opportunity to get involved and support our schools. We are recruiting for new community representatives on our School Strategy Board - find out about the role and application process

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Great opportunities within GLF Schools, register on the link below to find out more.

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Great opportunity to join our growing team and help look after our amazing new school and grounds.

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Retweeted From GLF Schools (est. 2012) #WeAreGLF

A week full of joy, optimism and hope comes to an end. Lovely to see so many happy children this week once more. Thank you to our families and staff for their support and care this week.

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Admission applications for Kilnwood Vale Nursery - September 2021 are open until Thursday 18 March. Visit our website to find out more information, including the policy and link to the online application.

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Just some of the great entries into our challenge

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2 great opportunities to join our growing school within find out more

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We have great schools in the Crawley area - join the zoom session to find out more!

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Retweeted From GLF West Sussex Teaching School Hub

We recruit trainees from all walks of life at ... 🌟Whether you've just graduated from uni or considering a change in career, APPLY to our Teacher Training programme today 👉 or contact us at

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Retweeted From GLF Schools’ Careers

A rare opportunity to work with GLF in a Trust wide role! We are looking for outstanding individuals in each of our regions who have a passion for English or Maths to join us for 1 day a week as a Subject Improvement Lead within our Primary Schools.

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Retweeted From Thrive Approach

In this special programme for , artist and author reads and describes The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse - a book full of messages of hope, compassion, love and friendship. Click here to listen:

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Fantastic opportunity for committed individuals from our local community to join our Schools Standards Board. Find out more

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With everything going on - please don’t forget that Admissions for school places closes on 15 January. Apply on line if you need any help or advice contact the school office.

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Well done to everyone involved in Feel Good Friday and thank you for the generous donations going to all the great causes supported by

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Starting school in September 2021? Find out more about our amazing school - information about admissions is on our website and

Nursery Admissions


A child will be eligible for admission to a nursery class in Kilnwood Vale Primary School from the term after they turn 2 years old. Admission will be subject to an application being made and places available.

We propose to operate:

  • part time sessions of 3 hours a day (FEET/FEE) five days per week either morning or afternoon
  • sessions of 2 and a half days per week (FEET/FEE) (2 x 6 hour full day and 1 x 3 hour half day)
  • 5 full days with 2 and a half days per week funded (FEET/FEE) and two and a half days to be funded by the parent or carer. (Please check eligability as some families may qualify for 30 free hours per week for 38 weeks.)

The admission of Nursery children is delegated to the Governing Body of Kilnwood Vale Primary School by the Board of Trustees of GLF Schools. 

When the Nursery is over-subscribed, the Governors will consider applications in accordance with the following criteria set out in priority order. Length of time on any waiting list will not be taken into account.

Please use the following hyperlinks to the West Sussex County Council website to see more about free childcare for 2 year olds and 3 and 4 year olds and how you can apply.

When is my child eligible for free entitlement?

All 3 and 4 year olds are eligible the term after they become 3 years of age.

A child born on or between:

  • 1 April and 31 August - will become eligible for a free place from 1 September following their third birthday
  • 1 September and 31 December - will become eligible for a free place from 1 January following their third birthday
  • 1 January and 31 March - will become eligible for a free place from 1 April following their third birthday.

Eligible working parents wishing to access the extended free entitlement can only do so the term after receiving confirmation of their eligibility and should apply for this a term in advance.

Please also see FEET (free early education for two year olds) and 
FEE (free early education for 3 and 4 year olds) from the government website.
Our Nursery Admission Policy can be found below and includes a link to our online application form. When applications are open, this can also be accessed from a link that will be posted here.


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