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Sorry we are having a few technical issues with our phones, please feel free to pop in or email

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Great to welcome parents back into school after so long, sharing the KS1 learning for the year ahead. Working together in partnership.

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So lovely to see the children back in school, all looking forward to the year ahead, and to meet our new families at our stay and play sessions and home visits.

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Great opportunity to get involved and support our schools. We are recruiting for new community representatives on our School Strategy Board - find out about the role and application process

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Great opportunities within GLF Schools, register on the link below to find out more.

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Great opportunity to join our growing team and help look after our amazing new school and grounds.

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A week full of joy, optimism and hope comes to an end. Lovely to see so many happy children this week once more. Thank you to our families and staff for their support and care this week.

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Admission applications for Kilnwood Vale Nursery - September 2021 are open until Thursday 18 March. Visit our website to find out more information, including the policy and link to the online application.

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Just some of the great entries into our challenge

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2 great opportunities to join our growing school within find out more

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We have great schools in the Crawley area - join the zoom session to find out more!

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We recruit trainees from all walks of life at ... 🌟Whether you've just graduated from uni or considering a change in career, APPLY to our Teacher Training programme today 👉 or contact us at

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A rare opportunity to work with GLF in a Trust wide role! We are looking for outstanding individuals in each of our regions who have a passion for English or Maths to join us for 1 day a week as a Subject Improvement Lead within our Primary Schools.

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In this special programme for , artist and author reads and describes The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse - a book full of messages of hope, compassion, love and friendship. Click here to listen:

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Fantastic opportunity for committed individuals from our local community to join our Schools Standards Board. Find out more

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With everything going on - please don’t forget that Admissions for school places closes on 15 January. Apply on line if you need any help or advice contact the school office.

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Well done to everyone involved in Feel Good Friday and thank you for the generous donations going to all the great causes supported by

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Starting school in September 2021? Find out more about our amazing school - information about admissions is on our website and

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A 🦖 , 🐝 and a 🧙- just a few of the great staff outfits on Break the Rules Day! Thanks to the Friends of Kilnwood Vale for organising, the parents for their support and the children who helped us all end a fantastic half term with big smiles on our faces

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Thanks to all our staff and volunteers for all they have achieved this half term. An amazing response.


Provision for SEN(D), G&T, EAL and LAC

Inclusion is at the heart of our school, we celebrate that all children are different and unique. We aim to ensure that each child is fully included in all aspects of school life and meet any areas of specific needs.


Depending on the individual needs of children, they will receive both curriculum support in class and additional support in small groups as appropriate. The quality of teaching within the classroom has the greatest influence over children’s progress and we will invest in training, resources and monitoring to ensure our classrooms are an inclusive place for all children. This is known as the ‘Wave 1’ or ‘Quality First Teaching’.

Additional interventions at ‘Wave 2’ will be planned to enable children to accelerate their progress and work at, or above the expectations for their age. These are generally taught in a small group and sometimes a 1:1 situation.

A child identified as having SEND also receives ‘Wave 3’ interventions. These may be provided individually or in a small group, and the support provided will be personalised to enable the child to achieve his/her potential. This support is additional to or different from the everyday curriculum for that class and is detailed in a provision map and reviewed regularly. Any additional support for a child will be planned for by the class teacher and overseen by the SENCO. It may also include provision/ advice from an external agency or professional.

More able

At Kilnwood Vale, these children will be referred to as ‘High Attaining and Talented’ (HAT). There will be a policy for HAT children which will support teachers to identify these children. Provision will be tracked on the class provision map and data tracked alongside other groups. High attaining children will be formally identified at the end of each academic year based on their end of year data and the teachers’ formative evidence. Once the children have been identified they will be classified as the ‘HAT’ group for that particular subject area. Talented children will be highlighted at the beginning of the academic year through the parental questionnaire and existing school knowledge. The progress and attainment of the ‘HAT’ children is the responsibility of all stakeholders.


Kilnwood Vale will be aligned to the GLF Schools vision to identify and meet the needs of those pupils at its schools classed as English as an Additional Language (EAL).
EAL specifically are those pupils who have a first/home language other than English and who are in the process of learning and using English as an additional language through the curriculum and the broader life of the school.

Whilst being clear that EAL is not Special Educational Needs (SEN) or a learning difficulty, GLF Schools recognise that pupils with EAL can often have additional needs in terms of accessing the language used by staff and peers and related learning issues. Not addressed, these issues can easily lead to underachievement and isolation. At Kilnwood Vale we will endeavour to:

Ensure EAL pupils have full access to the curriculum and other school-based opportunities

Be proactive in removing any barriers that stand in the way of our EAL pupils fulfilling their potential

Provide our EAL pupils, particularly those who are international new arrivals (INA) with a safe, welcoming environment where they are accepted, valued and encouraged to participate.


A ‘looked after child (LAC)’ is defined as a child in the care of the local authority or is provided with accommodation for a continuous period of more than 24 hours.

At Kilnwood Vale the DSL will be the person responsible for the education looked after children (LAC). We will ensure all staff, both teaching and non-teaching have an understanding of the difficulties and educational disadvantage faced by children in care and understand the need for positive systems of support to overcome them.  Kilnwood Vale will be committed to working with local authority Virtual Headteachers to promote the achievement of children who are looked after.

Learning support 

In the first year of opening we will employ a full time Teaching Assistant (TAs) in the Nursery and Reception class. It is essential that all TAs have maths and English GCSE (minimum C and above) and this will be a requirement when recruiting staff. When recruiting our TAs we will work with GLF and our School Business Leader to ensure the ratios of staff to children are suitable for the ages of the children in nursery.  

A clear staffing structure will be created once the numbers on roll have been confirmed by West Sussex Local Authority.

Please read the documents below to see how we support children with Special Educational Needs at Kilnwood Vale Primary School. 



Page Downloads Date  
Kilnwood Vale Whole School Provision Map 25th Jun 2019 Download
Kilnwood Vale School Frequently Asked Qu... 25th Jun 2019 Download
KVPS leaflet SEN Support 25th Jun 2019 Download
KVPS SEN Policy GLF 2019 25th Jun 2019 Download
Leaflet SEN Support 25th Jun 2019 Download
Leaflet SEN Support + 25th Jun 2019 Download
SEND Information Report 25th Jun 2019 Download
The Thrive Approach to Promote Emotional... 25th Jun 2019 Download
Thrive Leaflet 25th Jun 2019 Download
SEN policy addendum 2020 KVPS 27th Apr 2020 Download